How It Worked This Time

How those letters added up!

Contest/Puzzle Details:

Phastest 1 Challenge

First you had to find the longest word on the Activity Sheet paper, which was KEYWORD.  That word was placed on the second row and repeated (KEYWORDKEYWORD…) and you then summed each column, so A + A = B, A + C = D, etc. to get answer.  This would help you understand adding letters (needed for the end)


Phastest 2 Challenge

You had to add each set of consecutive letters together to get a new letter.  For example, if the first four letters were PCBC, then P + C = S (P is 16th letter, C is third, so 16 + 3 = 19, and S is the 19th letter), C + B (letters two and three) = E, and B + C (letters three and four) = E, so you get SEE


Crossword Puzzle gives you hint:  solution is FIVE WORDS LONG

Rainbow Maze gives you a phone number to call (hint on which sheets you will need to find Phil), plus the numbers to match with the colors (for the end)

Movie Match Puzzle gives you another phone number to call, which gives you additional clues on correctly solving the Trivia and Simpson’s sheets.


Finding Phil:

During the hunt you are collecting letter answers and placing them on the Phinal Sheet, on the dotted lines and the square.

Just before the final clue, you are told to put the last letter from the Trivia Challenge in Box 1 and use it to find Phil.  This was done to prevent teams from force trying to solve the letter shift (if they determined that was what they needed to do).

The Final Clue was to find a nine-letter word near 993 (part of 1993 on the Phillies banner).  The correct word was BUDWEISER.

You then wrote and repeated that word (BUDWEISERBUDWEISER…) below the dotted line letters and added up the two letters (from Phastest 1).


You need to determine that RED and GREEN refer to the boxes on the Rainbox Maze, and use the red and green numbers to move the letters in the square (even number boxes forward and odd number boxes backwards).

You get:  IN A BUCKET OF ROCKS, which you need to tell me.  This refers to Phil hiding in the Rolling Rock bucket on the shelf behind the bar.