How It Worked in 2019


You found three sets of numbers on the Out and About, Trivia and Sudoku sheets – 24 in all.

You found three sets of letters on the Wordplay, Phind a Word and This Way That Way – 24 in all

You also got hints:

  • it’s 5 letters long (the sample website on the Phastest page takes you to a real page which instructs you to look at the back page of the Instruction sheets in the phone booth (in Fergie's) - there's a blacklight in there, so you can see 5 on the sheet)
  • need to unscramble letters to find Combo (you get the first four numbers of a phone number on the back of the Trivia sheet.  Looking at the lines to the correct answers on the front side - sideways - spells out the remaining six numbers as Roman numbers.  Calling the number gives you the clue in voicemail)
  • a color (there is a website listed in the Misc. section of the instructions - going to that site instructs you to go to a location on Chestnut Street.  There is the plaque shown in the No Directions sheet.  Finding the highlighted letters on the spells out the message)
  • common word (these are the lower letters on the Wordplay puzzle, hinted at in the instructions)
  • don’t need to use all the letters (there are 10 highlighted boxes on the Sudoku sheet - calling that number gives you this clue in voicemail)
  • you only need the first (the crossed out letters in the Circle Challenge)


The Final Clue explained how to order the letters (alphabetically) and numbers (by groups, smallest to largest). 

Adding/subtracting them gets you USEALLCOLORSOFTHERAINBOW. 

The first paragraph of the instructions defines the colors as red through violet. 

You know the answer uses letters and is five long, so you need five letters. 

The hint “only need the first” points you to the first letters of the colors which is the common ROYGBIV.

Unscrambling them gives you several five letter words, but only one is a color:  IVORY. 

That will open the puzzle box and get you the key to liberate Phil!