Welcome to the Hunt for the Red October Lobster!  For the next 2 hours you will compete against your fellow participants in a number of contests (below).  You can choose to compete in any of the contests:  if you're a multi-tasker feel free to work on several of them, while if you're here for a leisurely evening then just pick a few(or one!).

Menu for the evening:

Note:  we expect to stick closely to this schedule, but times may slip a bit (especially if we're having fun!)

7:00 - 7:30 - join this Zoom session, check-in, enter your Zoom Room and make these changes:

  • Check your Zoom settings to make sure you're hidden when your video is off - details here

  • Change your name - details here

7:30 - clues for Scavenger, Find It, Trivia and Hidden Contest are released!  We will broadcast a message to all participants with the contest page link - then start solving!!

7:30 - 8:00 - judge will visit your Zoom Room to see your attire (costumes, bling, etc.) and live tableau.  A different judge will visit you to run the Games contest.

8:00 - we will bring all participants back to the main room to run the special portion of the Scavenger Hunt, then it's back to your Zoom Room

8:26 - deadline for submitting answers to the Find It, Trivia and Hidden contests.

8:30 - Awards Ceremony!  If there are any ties in the Find It, Trivia or Hidden contests, we will roll a die to determine that winner.

Tonight's Contests:

Attire Contest - are you decked out for the evening?  If so, you could be the winner!  Our judge will visit you in your Zoom room during the event - if you have any special props, cheer or anything else you want the judge to see, that is the time.  Best themed team will win!  Judges will visit your Zoom Room

Tableau Contest - new for this year!  Your team gets to create a tableau vivant or live tableau.  Here are more details on how it works and what you can create.  Judges will visit your Zoom Room More information here.

Scavenger Contest - you will be given a list of items to find in your house... however the list will rather subjective (think "dreamy" vs. the usual "toothbrush" clues).  You'll decide which teammate has the best item for each clue and then they will compete live against the other teams (judged by Martha Graham Cracker) at 8:00 when we all regroup.  Happy hunting!  Gather the items and decide which to use between 7:30 and 8:00. 

Find It Contest - use you detective skills to determine where in the country these photos were taken (and appear on Google Earth).  You just need to tell us what road you're on. Work on this between 7:30 and 8:26.   

Trivia Contest - how good is your knowledge of red, October, and lobster?  Work on this between 7:30 and 8:26.  

Hidden Contest - it's well, hidden.  Some say it's the highlight of this page!  Or night.  Let's see if you can find it. First team to find it wins a prize!  Work on this between 7:30 and 8:26. 

Games Contest - our games judge will visit you in your Zoom room and give you some wacky sea-based games to play.  You could be the winner.  Judges will visit your Zoom Room