Great Urban Race 2008 - Philadelphia Photos

Teams assembling inside before start

Joe giving our instructions

Location 1: Time for Skeeball!

Location 2: An Elvis sighting

Location 3: It's in the buff

Location 4: In a rush

Location 5: Out is West Philly

Location 6: On the way back at Amtrak

What is she doing?

Location 7: Eating a hoagie!

Location 8: It's Mellon!

Location 9: Four spots on the dominoes?

Location 9: How about eight spots on the dominoes?

Location 9: Ah, all 14 spots!

We win!

Joe presenting us the check - not!

Another great day!

Awards ceremony... now we get the prize!

Time for a beer yet?

Cheers... till Vegas in November!